Pull Down

Whilst Hotmail and Gmail accounts are readily available to the masses, sometimes its important to land the right impression that doesn't say anything more than "free"!!

JePense is an Prestiges Email Brand. In today's world of electronic communication we spend money on things that represent who we are, why shouldn't your email address say the same. JePense is more than a URL it is a brand that is carefully shaped and looked looked after so that you will always  be saying "I'm with the best" when you give your email address out.

So what do you get? Well for £100 a month we set you up a Business Google Apps account that gives you the full suite of products including video conferencing, on-line document collaboration..but most importantly the best email system that synchronises with your phone, desktop, laptop, iPad etc.

As a brand its important that you feel part of the exclusive club and are able to portray that the right way, so we also send you 250 business cards a year that is personalised to your choice of colour.

If you would like more information please contact info@jepense.com